Established in 1997, ProBills offers billing support to medical professionals in all specialties. Our drive is to help our clients navigate the complex field of medical billing, and to empower patients to understand their accounts.

We respond to the changes and developments in the medical billing industry and are always striving to improve our service, bring our unique perspective to bear, and simplify and communicate changes that are important for our clients. With 20 years of experience in the field, we have the specialist knowledge and understanding that allow us to meet the challenges of the industry.


Phil Weber

ProBills Director Phil started managing his wife’s anaesthetic billing in 1992 and from that grew his business until ProBills was formed in 1997. From the beginning Phil’s focus was on providing flexible and efficient systems to address his wife’s specific invoicing requirements, and then those of every client since.

He has instilled the core values that drive the business forward today. These include a determination to provide good value to his clients, an understanding of the significance of reputation in the industry and of the relationship between medical practitioners and their patients, and the importance of good outcomes on all sides.

General Manager

Viv Little

Viv provides ProBills with the knowledge and experience to help clients confidently set up and manage the billing side of their practice. She is committed to providing excellent customer service to both our clients and their patients. Since joining ProBills in 2003, she has gained a comprehensive understanding of the Medicare and private health insurance requirements and has also established important relationships with Medicare and the health funds.

Viv manages the office on a day-to-day basis and has been integral to the development of our current in-house billing software.

Probills team

About our team

Accounts: This team is often the first point of contact for our clients. They are tasked with processing the billing sheets received from our clients quickly and accurately. Team members have a strong understanding of the fundamental Medicare requirements and various billing structures.

Patient Liaison: This team is the first point of contact for patients, from providing estimates as part of our Fee Estimate service to processing payments and answering patients’ queries about their accounts. This team’s primary focus is patient understanding and satisfaction.

Solutions: This team’s primary focus is the resolution of claims submitted to health funds, Medicare and DVA as well as any problems with third party insurance accounts. Whether the claim is submitted electronically or manually they will identify any problems and work to fix them by using the strong relationships with the third-party organisations they have developed.

Client Liaison: This team supports our clients from start to finish. Beginning with setting up your database with ProBills, including health fund registrations. They will explain the various schemes offered and advise which will suit your practice best and can provide guidance all the way through to handling difficult, non-paying patients.

Our Software: Developed in-house, our software is fully customised to handle billing services for all medical specialties. The system incorporates the rules that underpin medical billing, be it Medicare, DVA, health funds or third party billing. With Eclipse fully integrated, all relevant claims are processed electronically.

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