With more than 20 years of experience, we have the specialist knowledge and understanding that allow us to meet the challenges of the medical billing industry.


With more than 20 years of experience, we have the specialist knowledge and understanding that allow us to meet the challenges of the medical billing industry.

There can be no denying that the Australian medical billing system is complex and fraught with hidden pitfalls. We have more than 20 years experience in the field. Let us take over the day-to-day aspects of your billing.

We will manage your billing, manage your payments and manage your patients

We will manage your billing, manage your payments and manage your patients; freeing you to focus on the care of your patients and your own professional development without worry.

When you join us, we will arrange your registration with the health funds, ensuring you can make use of the various schemes on offer, as you need, with a minimum of fuss. We will discuss your specific billing requirements, advise you of appropriate billing options and, once you are happy with everything, create a billing profile tailored to your individual needs.

A billing profile tailored to your individual needs

You can then start sending us details of your patients and the treatments you have provided. We create invoices that are sent electronically, if the payment is due from a health fund, DVA or Medicare, or by email or post to the patient, Workers Compensation or other third party insurer.

You will receive a Daily Activity Report which we send to you once the billing has been processed. This details our fees to you, as well as the patients/item numbers billed and the value of each account; keeping control of how your bills are going out entirely in your hands.

We collect payments on your behalf and transfer them to you on a weekly basis. We offer many payment options including internet or telephone credit card payment, electronic bank transfer, and payment by cheque.

Stay in control of your practice

We send a Weekly Activity Report that lists all the patients who have paid so that you can reconcile this against your bank statements and stay in control of your practice. We monitor your billing, chasing up any unpaid or short paid accounts with the health funds and sending reminder and overdue notices to relevant parties.

We are the point of contact for your patients if they have any queries regarding your account whether it be how to pay or what the account is for. We strive to make the experience as easy as possible, guide patients through the process of claiming, and ensure they understand everything they must do.

We also act as an intermediary between you and your patients, facilitating contact and ensuring good outcomes for everyone involved.

Giving you an overview of your practice activity

We provide comprehensive and adaptable practice reports at every step of the way giving you an overview of your practice activity and providing figures that can be used towards preparation of your BAS.

There is no joining fee and there are no ongoing fees.  You pay only for the accounts we process. No practice is too big or too small.

We will keep you up to date on changes and developments in the medical billing industry and will provide insights and guidance about any impact they might have on your practice. If any new developments require a change in your billing practices, we will manage this on your behalf and ensure a smooth transition.

Contact us today if you have any questions, to talk about a fee schedule that can meet your needs, or to sign up to join ProBills.


We recognise that there are many factors that can impact an anaesthetic practice. You may have some lists that you will No Gap and others with a set fee or unit value.  Once we understand your requirements we will develop a specific billing profile reflecting your preferences that can be used as the basis for your accounts; each bill you send can be as individually crafted as you need.

We are experts in anaesthetic item numbers and in understanding Medicare requirements and restrictions. We can guide you to the combination of item numbers that best reflect the service provided. We can ensure that you know which schemes might be used that minimise patients’ gaps while ensuring you receive the fee you require.

It is the nature of anaesthetic practice that contact with patients prior to and after surgery can be very limited. We can help bridge that gap for you. In the first part by helping you build a relationship with the patient before surgery and then by helping your patients through the process of paying your account and claiming their rebates.

We also offer specific services that address some of the biggest problems caused by the limited patient contact, before and after the procedure:

Fee Estimate Service

  • It is important that patients are aware of your involvement in their surgery and are provided with an estimate of your fees. This ensures proper informed financial consent (IFC) is given by each patient. We offer a fee estimate service for your established lists. We can provide each patient with a Fee Estimate listing your fee and the anticipated item numbers for the service; this will allow the patient to check that they have the appropriate level of cover with their health fund and determine a good idea of their potential out-of-pocket expenses. This takes away a lot of doubt for the patient and goes some way to reducing the confusion of ‘bill shock’.
  • We can also obtain prepayments from uninsured patients at your instruction, for example. This will give you peace of mind, and the patients a sense of certainty, so that you can both focus on the medical side of things.

Pre-anaesthetic Questionnaire

  • Your patients can be directed to an online form on our website to complete a standard pre-anaesthetic questionnaire. This questionnaire has been created with the input of anaesthetists with an eye to including the most important information for preparation before a procedure. The completed questionnaire will be forwarded to you by email for review allowing you to determine whether any further action needs be taken prior to surgery.

ANZCA CPD-Compliant Patient Experience Survey

  • Your patients can be asked to complete a confidential online survey regarding their anaesthetic experience after their surgery. We make the system easy and accessible and can provide support if your patients are having trouble. Completed surveys assist towards CPD, and they offer valuable feedback on the care provided by the anaesthetist and the anaesthetic team; information that it is difficult to obtain elsewhere.

Contact us today to discuss how we can best help you.


Are you an established group looking to streamline your business?

Maybe you are forming a new group and looking for the best way to organise the group to allow its members to focus on what they do best?

We can offer services to help you regardless of your circumstances.

We can provide the administrative frame work to build a group on, and the support to ensure your group can focus on your work. Allow us to complete your routine administrative tasks with our knowledge of medical billing, built up through years in the industry, relieving you to focus on the work you were trained to do.

We understand the restrictions and rules of Medicare and the health funds. We have a team trained to manage a whole range of different procedures, specialties, and disciplines. They can apply multiple billing profiles as appropriate in support of a practice, with different doctors billing with their individual requirements.

We offer comprehensive reporting tools that allow us to give you in-depth reports about every part of your practice. We can break down the payments received by values of billing for each member, or in any other way that enables to you run the group.

We have extensive experience in providing billing support to different Intensive Care Groups. This experience has given us a strong understanding of the rules that govern the billing, and of the specific problems that can arise.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help your group.

Established Practices and Surgeons

If you already have rooms, allow us to complete the routine administrative tasks involved in billing, informed by our many years of knowledge in the medical billing industry, relieving you to focus on the work you were trained to do and ensuring that cash flow remains quick and reliable.

We can change the role of your staff; we can free them to concentrate on the patients, their medical needs, and booking requirements. This will allow your staff to concentrate on the management of the practice rather than having to be knowledgeable about the complexities of the medical billing industry.

We have the expertise to consistently and accurately process your surgical billing, with an extensive knowledge of Medicare and the way to structure billing to speed up payment and ensure minimal problems.

Our team will support you whenever you need us, every day. We can work in association with your existing practice staff to organise payments and answer queries about billings, which will enhance your own internal processes and the service you can provide to your patients.

If you have assistants that need their billing done we can do that too, ensuring that the same items are claimed and everyone benefits.

Contact us today to discuss how we can best help you.

Surgical Assistants

We understand that billing for assistant services is particularly complex, and can often be overlooked and misunderstood. We give it as much priority as every other specialty; your practice is important to us and we work hard to advocate for your rights to bill in private practice.

We can help you understand the Medicare rules and guidelines, and the variations for each health fund, and apply them appropriately for all billing, to determine the correct rebates.

We can extend that understanding into helping you take your first steps on the path of private practice, to help you avoid the pitfalls and ensure you are best set up to grow your practice.

If you are new in Australia for a short-term Fellowship, we can aid you in your entry into the Australian health system. We can guide you through the process of applying for a provider number and registering with the health funds; or if you are making the transition from surgical assistant to surgeon we can help set up your practice with minimal hassle.

We understand that you do not routinely meet your patients prior to surgery. We can explain your role in the surgery and the fees that have been generated and can answer any of their enquiries. We have the experience to help guide patients through the process of claiming, and act as a point of contact for them.

Contact us today to discuss how we can best help you.

Any Other Specialty

We can provide billing support for any specialty in the medical field. Our in-house system has the flexibility to allow us to create bills and interact with Medicare and the health funds as needed, and our team have the experience to adapt their knowledge to any circumstance in the medical billing industry. If you do not see your specialty listed explicitly above, please contact us and let us tell you what we can do for you.

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